O2O burst the opportunity for local portals came


WeChat involved in a number of new industrial chain, which is the full year net electricity supplier (Online To Offline O2O after that, so the Internet has become the front desk the next line transactions), another analysis pointed out that in the next three years, the O2O will exceed one hundred billion yuan market scale the temptation of life the service website in seeking a breakthrough point.

to have the community, media and e-commerce the three attributes of the local portal community website, if the center of gravity in the community before cultivation and media function, is on the rise of e-commerce and the "internal strength", so often burst in O2O business today, when the external conditions become more mature, the local community portal site to the local local businesses to take root, understanding, coverage and influence, to find a way to O2O to the commercial road. For the local community website, O2O bursting, call you a

, you dare to promise?

O2O mode, love where

?Will the line under the boundary blurring the future development of

O2O, no longer with the previous unilateral online or offline consumption differences will be O2O is to provide seamless cross-border and better service for the consumer service experience; this means that the fusion of retail services is the Internet practitioners, life service providers using O2O mode to realize the online service, the O (online) will involve different digital TV, mobile phone, terminal: PC, pad, vending machines and so on special occasions.

in the actual application level, O2O application will be the most crazy in this year’s double eleven concentrated outbreak, however it is useful to the user? Each site in the form of O2O are not the same, the user how to distinguish between different consumption patterns. O2O focuses more on consumption of services (including restaurants, movies, travel, fitness, beauty, SPA, car rental, rental and other services), the user fragmentation time integration management, provide a more convenient way of consumption, such as at the bus stop a H& M clothing information, like OK WeChat scan two-dimensional code, fill in the relevant information and payment, simply complete the purchase. Sorting out the fragmented time of users is shopping everywhere, without surfing the web. However, in a variety of O2O services, including O2O catering industry as a first attempt, however, will not have similar symptoms of group purchase industry, we have to pick a pit, can you jump?

unity is strength, getting together is not desirable,

In contrast,

before the group purchase industry, because the profit group purchase mode is simple, no threshold, a few hundred dollars program can easily create a group purchase website, all over the country crazy follow-up imitation, many of the local community website is also involved in complete interpretation of "unity is strength" this.

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