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first_imgStay on target You don’t have enough useful or funny feeds clogging your social media. We’re here to change that. Welcome to’s Follow This, a weekly highlight of feeds and channels you should be following.Video game speedruns are completely insane. It starts with trying to beat a video game as fast as possible. Then it becomes trying to make that time even faster. Then it becomes trying to figure out ways to break the game, using glitches to play through them faster still. Every time you see a new world record, remember that it was set by a player’s expertise, skill, and dedication to becoming the best player of that video game.Unless you’re talking about tool-assisted speedruns (TAS), which are impressive in their own right and we’ll talk about later, but not now.Summoning Salt is a speedrunner, and the best Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!! player on the planet. He knocked down Iron Mike in 2 minutes, 5 seconds, holding the current world record for both Tyson and the entire game. He also makes speedrun progression videos.If you’ve ever wondered how speedrunners keep shaving time off of games, Summoning Salt’s speedrun progression videos are vital viewing. He goes over the history of speedrunning different games, highlighting a specific game in each video and explaining the years and decades it took to reach the current world record. You can see the techniques each record holder uses, and how new methods develop over time. If you’re into speedruns, it’s fascinating.To start, check out Summoning Salt’s speedrun progression video of Super Mario Bros., then watch his more in-depth look at World 4-2 and how speedrunners developed techniques to beat it faster.Summoning Salt releases a speedrun progression video about once a month, and streams personal speedrunning attempts on his Twitch channel a few times a week. Because his progression videos require extensive time and editing, he has a Patreon to help fund production.Did you know a mint-condition copy of Super Mario Bros. that sold for $30,000? Discover an easter egg that took 29 years to uncover in Punch Out. See the new wireless controller for the NES Classic Edition. And stay up to date on all NES news here. Don’t Expect Any More Nintendo Classic ConsolesKonami Announces Live-Action Contra Film and TV Series last_img

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