Kirby Cafe opening in Japan complete with collectible Kirby figures

first_img 1/28Kirby fluffy pancakes with fresh cream and custard cream 1/28Planet Popstar seafood curry with rice 1/28King Dedede plate of spare ribs and barbecue sauce 1/28Whispy Woods bread roll, sausage, hamburger, fish finger, and black olives 1/28Kawasaki cold fruit pasta with Italian ham and mango 1/28Maxim Tomato pasta with hot sauce and summer vegetables 1/28Meta Knight soft-serve chocolate ice cream and banana parfait with sword and cloak wafers 1/28Fountain of Dreams watermelon syrup and Blue Curacao sparkling cocktail 1/28Orange Ocean yogurt mousse with orange syrup and passion fruit 1/28Maxim Tomato soup with celery (served hot or cold) with the M being cocoa 1/28Kirby macaroon cookies with fresh cream and raspberry puree 1/28Maxim Tomato chocolate cupcake with raspberry puree, cream, and pistachio sprinkles 1/28Invincibility Candy cupcake with tropical fruit and raspberry cream on a chocolate cupcake 1/28Star Rod cupcake with cream and tropical fruit topping and chocolate chip-filled cake 1/28Hand-painted stackable mugs 1/28Invincible Candy, Maxim Tomato, and Star Rod stirring sticks 1/28Kirby and Waddle Dee iPhone cases 1/28Kirby and Waddle Dee art canvas 1/28Maxim Tomato pillow and Kirby/Waddle Dee neck pillow 1/28Kirby pillow and Kirby/Waddle Dee neck pillow 1/28Kirby Cafe cotton tote 1/28Kirby Cafe fake leather and cotton flat totes 1/28Kirby Cafe charm pouch 1/28Kirby clear file 1/28Kirby postcard set (12) 1/28Kirby 2.5D postcard set (5) 1/28Crystal magnets (8) 1/28Capsule toys (10) <> Japan is well-known for having its themed cafes, with maid cafes being a particular favorite over the past few years. While the anime-loving geeks among us can appreciate the appeal, it’s equally upsetting that they have replaced some of the great video game shops that used to line the streets of Akihabara.Now we have another themed cafe launching in Japan which is sure to be popular with gamers there, and a draw for gamers visiting the country. Say hello to the Kirby Cafe, of which there will be three opening and located in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya.Even though the website says the cafes are open, they actually aren’t until next month. The Osaka location open on August 5 and Nagoya opens on August 24. The Tokyo cafe opening has yet to be confirmed. You’ll also notice from the image above that Nagoya is just a Kirby store, meaning Osaka is the only place to get Kirby themed food next month.And all the dishes really are themed. And if that wasn’t enough to get you booking a ticket to Japan, the Kirby Cafe also includes a Kirby figure with every dish, which you can see below. There are 7 to collect.Check out the gallery below for a look at all the Kirby Cafe food you can enjoy along with the gifts you can buy in the store. I know a lot of people who would easily spend their entire holiday allowance in this place.last_img

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