Ferguson’s anger at not signing autographs

first_img“Before we got on the bus we were really tired and there was a queue of fans. The players were like ‘if you don’t sign one, nobody has to do it.’ So we went straight to the bus, everyone, and when I looked out the window I saw Sir Alex Ferguson signing each autograph. I swear he must have been signing for about 45 minutes. He signed each and every one. I said ‘guys, when the boss gets on, we’re done.’ C *** do you think you are? Those people are paying your salary. Those people have come to see you. Now get off the bus *** and sign up! ‘And we had to sign every fan. But that’s the mentality “He also explained how important it is to know the history of the club, such as what happened to United’s players during the time of Bobby charlton (the air disaster of Munich in 1958). He thinks it is a story that any child should know, even if they have never seen him play: Patrice Evra spoke for the official podcast of the Manchester United, in which he told several interesting anecdotes from his time in the English city. The former French player recounted on the one hand how was the anger that he threw at them Sir Alex Ferguson One day the squad decided to get on the bus directly after a game without paying attention to the fans waiting to sign autographs: “Every time I shook hands with Bobby Charlton, I felt something. And every time I saw him fly with us, I knew what had happened with his former colleagues and thought it was a miracle. Maybe the children (and this is not a excuse) six or seven years old, when they play for their club, they need to know that it is really important to know that there are a lot of people working for this club. It is important and there is no excuse. Put on the DVDs like I did. So every time I was wearing the shirt I knew how many people had worn it and how many people had won. You have to respect tradition and philosophy. I thought I couldn’t fail those people. When you play for Manchester United you don’t do it for you. You’re not famous for being from Manchester United or being in the media. You play for those people. “On the other hand, Evra talked about how it was the first time he won the Premier League with United. His team had to wait to see what his rival did to be mathematically champions, and he was at his partner’s house, Mikael Silvestre, watching the game:“I was like a child. I remember I was at Mikael Silvestre’s house and we were watching the game. I think Chelsea was playing. We were champions and I started jumping and Mikael looked at me like thinking ‘what are you doing?’. He had already won Four leagues and I was screaming, and he told me to calm down. The first one is so exciting … To be honest, when you start to win the third, the fourth and the fifth, you celebrate it but not the same way. cameras and all that, but it’s not the same. “Finally he explained that the Scottish coach was the one who used to think that winning was something normal, unlike what he had learned in the Monaco with Didier Deschamps:“Ferguson taught us all to be like a robot. I don’t think I was human when I played with Manchester United. When we won games, or when someone did something well, I was not satisfied. I always say Didier taught me that winning It’s important, but that Ferguson taught me that winning is a normal thing. I remember after a great game against Liverpool where he just said ‘well done, boy’. He never screamed, other than when we won the Champions League final Winning the league was normal. “last_img read more