Cádiz remembers Michael Robinson’s time at the club

first_imgOli, former soccer player of the Cadiz, states that Robinson was responsible for his arrival in Cádiz“It was my front door, so I owe him a lot. I remember him at the Chapín celebration, he accompanied me on the bus and on that half hour ride he was my partner, he was just one of the dressing room. At the celebration he felt the promotion as if it had been him who scored the goal for Chapín. He said it was his most joyous football moment. “Monica Marchante, journalist, remember the passion for Cádiz and the times he went to Carranza with Robinson. “I would not know how to explain where Michael’s deep bond with Cádiz comes from. It even took him to investigate history to look for a link with the Invincible Army and his own Irish origins. I was with him twice at Ramón de Carranza , at Robinho’s match and at the famous Cheryshev match. He was happy to be there. ““You will never walk alone, there will always be some cadista”sentence Oli. Until forever, Robinson. The Cadiz has issued the report through its official channels “Michael Robinson and Cádiz CF”, a tribute that recalls the figure of the Briton in love with Cadiz. In this tribute the testimonies of different personalities who knew closely the passion of Robinson by the Yellow Submarine.The president of the Cadiz, Manuel Vizcaíno, defines him as a champion. “Michael was a European champion as a footballer and was a world champion in communication, a new way of moving football was invented. “Pepe Mata, manager of the Cádiz CF Foundationinsists that love between Cadiz and Michael it was reciprocal. “All of us from Cadiz followed him because of his love for our city and he ended up being a club advisor. We have lived many joys together, such as the promotion in Las Palmas, where Michael cried like a small child, and the promotion in Chapín, where he did not I could contain the emotion. “last_img read more