Ontario could ban real estate agents from representing both sellers and buyers

Ontario is proposing banning the practice of double ending, in which a real estate agent represents both a buyer and a seller in a transaction.The Liberal government announced its 16-point housing plan earlier this year, with centrepiece planks of a 15 per cent foreign buyer tax and expanded rent controls.Realtors’ internal numbers show Toronto home prices fell more than 6% in two weeksToronto home prices haven’t fallen yet, but a major market indicator says they will soonPercentage of foreign homebuyers has not fallen since tax: Charles SousaOntario new housing rules take a bite out of new construction numbers for countryAnother plank was reviewing the rules for real estate agents to ensure consumers are fairly represented.The government has now published several proposals for changes to real estate agent rules and penalties, and is seeking public consultation on them.One of the proposals is to ban — with some limited exceptions — salespeople from representing both the buyer and seller or more than one potential buyer in a trade.The government is also considering increasing the maximum fine for salespeople and brokers who violate a code of ethics from $25,000 to $50,000 and $100,000 for brokerages. read more

Safety reminders for the new school year

Keeping the campus safe is everyone’s responsibility. With the start of the new school year underway, Health, Safety and Wellness is reminding you of the following important safety information.EmergenciesIn the event of an emergency, call 911, or Campus Security at ext. 3200. There are numerous emergency phones located across campus that can be used when assistance is required. Campus Security recommends that the Brock Mobile Safety app be downloaded to your mobile device. This mobile application provides Brock University students, staff and faculty with quick access to campus and local resources 24-7.Slips, trips and fallsBe aware of your surroundings both indoors and outdoors when travelling around campus by scanning the areas in your path and avoiding any materials or walking surfaces that could contribute to a slip, trip or fall. Wearing appropriate footwear for the weather, avoiding rushing or taking short cuts will also help prevent such incidents. You can help maintain a safe campus by avoiding, addressing and reporting all slip, trip and fall hazards online or by e-mailing besafe@brocku.ca.Mobile device distractionPeople walking on campus while operating mobile devices can be hazardous, distracting and may lead to trips, falls and collisions. To avoid injuries and incidents, stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Always check traffic when crossing street and keep headphone volumes low. If you must talk or text on a phone, move out of the stream of pedestrian traffic and stop walking.Unmanned aerial vehiclesAn unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard. UAV is a broad term that can include a wide variety of piloted or autonomous aircraft of any size and design. Please be aware that due to Transport Canada regulations, drone use is not permitted on Brock University property. read more